Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Floyd Landis

I do not think Floyd used performance enhancing drugs during the Tour de France. First of all, it makes no sense. He had way too much to lose if he got caught. Winning the stage guaranteed that he would be tested and the penalty for doping meant he would lose everything. Second, this whole incident spun out of control the moment the results of his "A" sample were released. UCI released the positive result (a high testosterone:epitestosterone ratio due to a low value of epitestosterone, not a high value for testosterone) before a confirming "B" sample was completed. This is counter to their own rules and the WADA code. It had the effect of raising the stakes for everyone. UCI, WADA and the lab lose credibility if the "B" sample does not confirm their announced results and Floyd loses everything if the "B" sample does confirm. Of course, the "B" sample did confirm the "A" results (did the lab test the "B" sample blind? I haven't been able to find out). Now, this culture of guilty-until-proven-innocent at WADA means Floyd has already lost nearly everything.

Floyd's website is here.

There is very complete coverage of the case and enough links to keep you busy for days at Trust But Verify. I have spent many a lunchtime here and learned more than I dreamed possible.

Factual information about the case is at the Landis Case Wiki.

Best of luck to Floyd.

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