Thursday, July 5, 2007

A Sad Sight

This is a sad sight. The gas station widely known by local cyclists as the Velodrome Amoco (even after BP bought Amoco and changed the sign) is closed and it does not appear likely to be reopened. The station got its name due to its popularity with cyclists as a place to buy drinks, snacks and energy bars and to take care of other needs. It was in a great location with no competition. I think we knew something was up when they turned off the outside water tap. Maybe that was a last ditch effort to increase revenues.

It will be missed.


  1. maybe a cyclist could open a coffee shop and call it THE FUEL ZONE

    the garage could be open for coop repairs

    and they could sell coffee and energy drinks

    group rides could meet there

    they could put up a drive in movie theather for bike in movies

    people could bring their rollers and wind trainers and ride while they watch movies

    just an idea

  2. All good ideas. I bet you could make a small fortune with any one of these. Provided you started out with a large fortune...

    Thanks for your comments.