Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You May Already Be A Winner

There's this movie, King Ralph, where, after a mishap during a family photograph, the entire British royal family is comically killed (it's a movie) and there is a search for an heir to the throne. That heir turns out to be an American lounge singer.

Bjarne Riis just admitted using performance-enhancing drugs to win the 1996 Tour de France. He is the first Tour winner to admit using PEDs. This means that the top three finishers of the Tour that year have been linked to doping (Richard Virenque was involved in the Festina scandal and Jan Ullrich has been linked to Operation Puerto although AFAIK he has never tested positive).

With all the admissions of using PEDs in cycling coming out now (Basso, Papp, Zabel, Aldag...) and the potential for more with Operation Puerto, perhaps one of us might find ourselves declared winner of the Yellow Jersey. Unless Dick Pound gets to test our urine...

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