Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Greg Lemond and Eddy Merckx to Appear

According to the AFP at Yahoo News, Greg LeMond and Eddy Merckx are going to appear in the arbitration hearing of Floyd Landis. The report says that Merckx is on a list submitted by Landis' legal team and LeMond is on the USADA (US Anti-Doping Agency) witness list. I imagine Merckx is on the list to testify, if needed, that Landis' stage 17 performance was not unexpected for a rider that had cracked the previous stage. Indeed, I've read that it was because he had cracked that he did not have to recover as much for the next day. LeMond, who I greatly respect for his ability and cycling achievements, has been increasingly vocal over the past few years accusing, without specific knowledge, other cyclists of doping. My guess is that his testimony will go something like this:

Mr. LeMond, how do you know that Mr. Landis doped?

Because he is faster than me.

No further questions.

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