Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cell Phones + Cars = More Dangerous Than You Think

The next time you are riding and see someone in an SUV (or car, but around here, it's mostly SUVs) on their phone, watch out. Just because they are looking in your direction does not mean that they see you. In a summary of research on cell phone use while driving by the National Safety Council, these two particular points stuck out and brought home just how risky talking on a cell phone (hands free or not) while driving is:

  • Drivers who use cell phones are four times more likely to be in a crash while using a cell phone.

  • 80 percent of crashes are related to driver inattention. There are certain activities that may be more dangerous than talking on a cell phone. However, cell phone use occurs more frequently and for longer durations than other, riskier behaviors. Thus, the #1 source of driver inattention is cell phones.

  • Read the entire Fact Sheet. It'll only take you a minute or so.

    Just don't do it while driving.

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