Sunday, June 1, 2008

Saturday Annoyance

Yesterday. Saturday. Beautiful day for a ride. Got about 60 miles in. Decided to continue to enjoy the day with a little alfresco brunch in downtown Highland Park. We're settled in and about to order when we hear advertising blasting from a National City points truck (pictured above). This guy drove back and forth along Central Avenue a number of times with speakers blaring...something. It was hard to make out. I assume that I wasn't the only one annoyed by this making me wonder how successful this promotion could have been. First, their name, color and font confused me. It reminded me of National Rental Car, but this was National City. Then I couldn't make out most of what was being broadcast from their speaker. I figured out that it must be a bank since the few words I was able to make out related to banking. So this is my first exposure to the fact that there is a bank called National City. Which leads me to think that the association I am going to have with the brand, National City is annoyance. Great first impression.

Of course, they just might be so successful that they can afford to waste diesel at nearly $5.00 a gallon to get their misguided message across. Or that they are so successful that they don't mind pissing off potential new customers. There is also the irony that the truck is painted green.

Lucky for us, his shift must have ended just as our food came. So the morning ended well.

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