Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sexiest Sports

What sports make you most attractive to the opposite sex? The Quirkology website has offered the results of their experiment, involving "6000 people indicating which sporting activities would make a member of the opposite sex more attractive." The results? The highest percentage of men claimed that they were most attracted to women into aerobics and yoga and least attracted to women involved in bodybuilding, rugby, and golf. The highest percentage of women found themselves attracted to men in climbing, extreme sports, football and hiking. Women were least attracted to men involved in aerobics and golf. There was no [see comments for update] information provided about cycling, because we know that shaved legs and tight clothing gives us an unfair advantage. Which might also explain why men and women agree that golf is one unsexy sport.


  1. Turns out they updated the posted results to show all the sports and their rankings. Cycling winds up in the middle of the pack (pun intended). Oh, and since Dr. Wiseman is a Brit, football = soccer. There, I feel better now.

  2. Cycling is in the middle of the pack only because some of you hairy guys and girls dont shave your legs!