Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I stumbled across this cool chart:

And decided to see what happens if I look for cycling. As a control (geek alert) I googled (or is that Googled?): "Died in a skydiving accident" and "Died in an elevator accident" and found that these numbers had increased by about 10% since this chart was made. The results for "Died in a blogging accident" has increased to 46,000 hits (yes, 46 thousand), due, I'm certain, not to the increased dangers of blogging, but to bloggers citing this chart.

Anyway, the results for: various cycling terms are as follows:
bicycle: 4460
cycling: 1430
biking: 395
pedaling: 0

Sadly, the first item that comes up in the search for "died in a cycling accident" is the death of Stereolab vocalist Mary Hansen in 2002.

OK, in a post that was supposed to be humorous, I seem to have taken a turn for the morbid. I'm going to stop digging now.

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