Monday, November 26, 2007

Trail Ride

For a nice description of the Sunday Daniel Wright Woods ride see the Go Faster Jim blog. This gives me an excuse to post a post-ride picture and compose a baiku (I think Fritz's beeper just went off).

Sun warmed frozen trail.
The spray of mud hits my frame.
Still life with crank arms.


  1. Every time you hear a bell, that's an angel telling me about a bike haiku.

  2. Hey Frank, I generally find the baikus when people link to Cyclelicious and then I see the link here at Technorati. Your link, however, is not showing up. You might want to be sure "pinging" is enabled for your blog posts (so Technorati and the other blog services know about your blog).

  3. That is a most awesome photo, Frank! Too bad you have to wash that off to keep it running smoothly...

  4. Thanks, Barb. It's how I think a cross bike should always look. Although, it would be hell on the drivetrain.