Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bike Commute

I've been commuting by bicycle to my office for about a week now. I've done this on and off for a couple of years, but this summer I'm going to make an effort to ride to work daily. It's not a major feat, only about a mile and a quarter and most of it by trail. I've always been a little embarrassed that I drive, but errands and driving the kids around make it easier to bring the car.

On the way home the other night, en route to the trail, my timing was such that I jumped in with my local club's evening ride. About a dozen riders in full kit on road bikes and me in street clothes on my 32 pound knobby-tired mountain bike. They were winding down the ride, spinning easily, probably about 20-21 MPH. I got in the paceline thinking that this oughta be fun. And it was. A little goofy, perhaps, but fun. I had company for the three minutes it took to get home and some incentive to finish work early next Tuesday. Maybe I'll start the ride with them as well.

On my road bike.

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